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When Tomorrow Comes

Posted by Carroll on February 5, 2013 at 5:55 PM


By Gilbert Nell and Carroll Ellis

It is the way of things, comings and goings. We are a breed apart you and I, and I receiving the better part of it for sure. Forever altered this view I have of what is love and my place in its time. Our first encounter, I the smarter one I thought, but now..? After this time of ours..?

For human I am and human I will always be. Judgment’s now passed place an equality on the both of us and better off the result am I. Eyes opened no longer blind to what is life and value found.

We are a breed apart yet new arrivals every day increase our herd, from history’s path worn down from abuse and neglect. Though paths diverge and different horizons see, there is a new dawn arising better for the both of us and like minded souls a kindred make.

Childhood does end and in its place a nobler breed of life evolves.

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