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Photo Gallery

In Living Memory In Living Memory Vlad Was long lived almost 16 years he joined me when I joined the AF 147347839 He was very relaxed He would sleep in the most cat like positions 147347844 He helped raise the kids I still remember my 1 year old son doing belly flops on him, and seeing the look of help on his face as I rescued him from the toddler 147347945 Peck Awesome Cat! claimed Jeff as his from the start 147347947 Cool markings He had stripes in his spots 147347948 Peck and Wings Peck you were a special guy 147347949 Wings She thought she was a lap dog 147347840 Sweet Wings She would always come and say hi - we miss you 147347950 Beren He was cute from the begining to the end 147347946 Beren He was very smart 147347838 Beren He loved to go camping 147347841 Protector He would look you right in the eye, he knew what type of person you are and was very loyal and protective - Thank you! 147347842 Funny guy He was always happy and had a twinkle in his eye and he would bounce around you as you walked 147347843 169873101 169873102 169873103 169873104 169873105